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Currently on maternity leave! Be back soon :)

When I began my healing journey I spent over $10,000 working with a functional medicine doctor and still had to do a ton of research on my own to fully understand what I needed. My mission is to bring the same information to you at a more affordable price and in a way that you can actually understand it and take action, as I really want everyone to be able to feel better and live a quality life. I have invested my money, time and resources into becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner and hope you understand that while I want to help everyone, I do still need to charge for my services as I have turned this into my career and need to be compensated for my time and research, especially creating custom, tailored to you protocols and analyzing individual labs.

If you do not wish to spend money at this time, I do share plenty of free information on my social media (Instagram & TikTok @naturally.kristin). 

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