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Hi, I’m Kristin! My own journey of overcoming Ulcerative Colitis was more difficult than it needed to be because I was misguided by traditional medicine. This enabled me to have a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding for the challenges others may be dealing with in your health. I have since dedicated myself and my time to learning how to help others overcome their autoimmune conditions and live the life they deserve.   

I am certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP2) helping clients reach their most optimal health by rebalancing your body. I believe health needs to be looked at as a whole body: emotionally, spiritually & physically. We can’t just treat the symptom, we have to find the underlying root cause of imbalance.   

I am also certified in Yoga Nidra Meditation and Reiki level I. I  have my Master of Science degree in Leadership with over 10 years of coaching experience for a fortune 500 company and have been able to successfully utilize that experience in the transition to health and wellness while simultaneously helping as a life coach to reach all that you desire physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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1. My passion is

root cause healing

2. You May be Suprised to Learn:

i am a foodie

3. The Quality that Makes me Successful:

always learning

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

catching up on sleep

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

you can heal

6. My Most Rewarding Experience to Date:

helping others succeed

7. If I wasn’t a Life Coach, I would be A:


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